Mental Health Department Success Story


Raul is a 10-year-old Latino male who began mental health treatment at ECDP on July 27, 2017 after having been referred by Kaiser Permanente due to manifestations of severe anxiety, sadness, rumination, intrusive thoughts, insomnia, and passive suicidal ideation. At time of intake, Raul met criteria for Separation Anxiety Disorder as he was presenting with a developmentally inappropriate and excessive fear and anxiety when separating from parents and siblings. Raul feared that “parents will die” and “I will be all alone” when parents would leave him at home. Raul experienced a difficult time falling asleep at night, did not want to be alone in his room and wanted to be by his parents’ side. Due to his experienced high amounts of anxiety, Raul felt ill often including headaches and stomach aches. Raul reported that he wanted “all of this to stop” (referring to anxiety symptoms).

Raul and parents demonstrated commitment in treatment as they consistently attended sessions and actively implemented learned techniques outside of session. Raul surpassed all of his treatment plan objectives (June 27, 2018). Mother happily shared that Raul is doing well and provided the example of their family getaway to Las Vegas over the long weekend. Mother stated that Raul comfortably and confidently slept in a room with his older sibling in the hotel. When mother checked in on Raul, he appeared “well and calm playing with his games.” Mother shared that Raul now shows more “independence” as he “has no problem exploring his surroundings when we go out.” During the termination session, Raul stated, “I feel proud of myself, I can’t believe I don’t have anxiety anymore.” Raul also shared that his boy scouts rank went up and he is feeling happy about this as there will be “more camping trips.” At time of discharge, Raul was no longer impaired by feelings of anxiety and fear.