Success Story From Our Family Source Center Recreation Department


Our summer program has continued for this month all the way through the end of July. Our clients have continued receiving tutoring throughout the summer program. We have been teaching them various math lessons in order to prepare them for the New Year. We have been able to take them on educational field trips in which they learned about marine biology. We have also encouraged our clients to join our tutoring program after they’ve completed their summer program in order to continue receiving educational support

During the month of July, the college corner continues to outreach and prepare for the upcoming academic year.  Student enrollment has continued and we have shifted the focus for preparation for SAT and ACT testing to provide students with additional support.

In the month of July, clients continue to participate in our Recreation Program.  Our Ballet class continued with new clients joining regularly and class participation has been steadily increasing and is in the process of rehearsing for an upcoming performance in collaboration with the LAPD Rampart Division for the “National Night Out”. Our boxing program also continues to thrive as new enrollees begin the training regimes.  Also, the month of July our Annual Summer Camp concluded with an array of recreational and educational activities.  Moreover, students who participated in the Summer Camp have shown extreme interest in transferring to the tutoring program once summer ends and classes begin.