Therapeutic Day Treatment Success Story: Boy’s Republic


Minor R. V., 14, started the Family Preservation Therapeutic Day Treatment Program (TDT) at Boys Republic, a subcontractor of EI Centro del Pueblo, on September 01, 2018. Rose Mary had been arrested and put on probation for being involved in a burglary along with her friend from school at the time. She was also struggling academically and fell behind school credits as she would constantly miss school and failed classes for not completing or turning in assignments.  Furthermore, Rosie admitted having issues with substance abuse as she frequently smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. Rosie also acknowledged she made poor decisions when electing her friends. She also identified having poor peer relationships in school which led to her lack of motivation in attending school regularly.

Rosie lived with her paternal grandmother and grandfather who have been raising her since she was a baby. Rosie’s father was serving a prison sentence and communicated with him via letters a few times during the year. Her mother lived in Colorado but never had contact or communication with her. Rosie described having a poor relationship with her grandfather as a result of his issues with alcoholism. She appeared to be resistant in making any effort in establishing communication or relationship with her grandfather. In addition, she also described her relationship with her sister to be poor and unhealthy. Rosie’s greatest support appeared to be her grandmother Faye, who regularly motivated and encouraged her to work towards accomplishing her goals.

While participating in TDT services, Rosie demonstrated a great effort in focusing on her personal and academic goals. She used the services to help herself and others by earning a “foreman” position within the program that helps support her peers in their daily duties which go towards their community service hours for Probation. Through group counseling, she was able to self-disclose about her father, mother, past delinquent behaviors, substance abuse and self-esteem issues. She was able to take responsibility for her actions and learned to strengthen her problem solving and decision-making skills. Furthermore, in-home counseling sessions helped strengthen communica4on skills and establish a better relationship between Rosie her grandfather and her sister. In addition, her grandmother reported she took initiative in helping her with household chores and her defiant behaviors decreased. Rosie identified and learned to utilize healthy coping skills to help maintain her sobriety and refrain from relapsing. She also earned the opportunity to work at Boys Republic’s thrift store earning her S30.00 per week where she demonstrated commitment and a strong work ethic. Earning her privileges at home allowed her to go out with friends over the weekend where grandmother did not report any issues or concerns.

Rosie graduated from the program with honors and an opportunity to qualify for scholarships in June 2018. During the summer she planned on going to summer school and re-enroll in the Fall at her local high school. She looked forward to maintaining a healthy and open relationship with her grandmother, grandfather, and sister at home. She also appeared committed to continuing to make better choices for herself and refrain from getting involved in at-risk behaviors. TDT services helped Rosie meet her personal and academic goals.