HIV Prevention

El Centro Del Pueblo has provided HIV related services for over 24 years in the SPA 4 area of Los Angeles, specifically targeting the communities of Downtown Skid Row, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Hollywood, Westlake and Pico Union. The purpose and objective of the program is to reduce the spread of HIV infection through Health Education/Risk Reduction (HE/RR) services and assist clients in learning their HIV status through testing.

In 2010, El Centro Del Pueblo was awarded a 5 year contract by the County of Los Angeles, Division of HIV and STD Programs to provide HE/RR services to people who share needles and works in the SPA 4 communities mentioned above.  Adults 18 years and over, who are People who share Needles and Works, can enroll into the Behavior Change Program and attend risk reduction sessions to reduce their injection using risk behavior.  Referrals for HIV and STD testing are also available. All HIV services provided by El Centro Del Pueblo are free of charge. Please contact Robert Aguayo for more information at (213) 483-6335 ext. 101.

Ways You Can Help!

It take mores than goodwill to delivery the services we provide. Your donation will go a long way.


We love to have people from our community help out with the work we are doing. There are many ways you can lend a hand.