Carlos DeLeon

Youth Activities and Play Equity Program Director

I’m a passionate professional driven by a dual desire: to create positive change in the world and ensure balance in my life. My commitment to social justice began with a dedication to the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) where I played a role in passing impactful legislation geared at not throwing away our juveniles for the rest of their lives. Contributing to all 7 bills introduced in 2017 and presenting on panels at institutions like John Jay College and USC Law solidified my desire to make a lasting contribution.
This experience ignited a fire within me to translate advocacy into tangible results. I transitioned into the business world, leveraging my communication and relationship-building skills to excel as a Business Development Associate (BDA) for over a year. Generating leads through conferences, marketing campaigns, and cold calls honed my ability to identify opportunities and connect them with solutions.
Today, my dedication to community service has reached a peak since I’m able to contribute to these young men and women’s lives with positive mentorship.
My journey reflects a continuous pursuit of impact, both on a professional level and within the community. I’m excited to see how I can leverage my skills and experience to create a ripple effect of positive change, one client and one community initiative at a time.
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