Echo Park FamilySource Center

FamilySource Centers (FSC) are located in high-need areas of the City and provide a continuum of core services designed to assist low-income families become self-sufficient by increasing family income and academic achievement for youth and adults. The Centers are one-stop community centers that offer a host of social, educational, work and family support services, including multi-benefit screening, pre-employment and employment supports, youth education and cultural after-school activities including tutoring and college access activities. Other services include computer literacy, financial counseling and tax preparation, parenting, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and food distribution. All FSCs have universal access services available to all persons. Additionally, case management services are available to low-income parents and guardians, and their children 17 years and under.

The centers also host various community meetings, special events and activities and provide volunteer opportunities for residents. Please be sure to contact the center in your neighborhood to learn about the services, programs and events it provides as they may differ by center.

FamilySource Center Program Echo Park/Cypress Park (FSC) Menu of Services

some services may vary depending on area.

Information and Referral  for Youth and Adults

Intake and Eligibility – for Youth and Adults

Assessment – for Youth and Adults

Individual Service Strategy Development – for Youth and Adults

Case Management – for Youth and Adults

Adult Education ESL – for Adults

Arts Education – for Youth

College Corner – for Youth

Computer Literacy – for Youth and Adults

Employment and Training Services – for Youth and Adults

Fair Housing Workshops – for Adults

Financial Coaching – for Adults

Financial Literacy – for Youth and Adults

Individual Development Accounts (IDA) – for Youth and Adults

First Time Homebuyers Workshops – for Adults

Handyworker and Healthy Homes –for Adults

Homeless Services – for Youth and Adults

Immigration Services – for Youth and Adults

Income Tax Preparation Assistance – for Youth and Adults

Mentoring /Counseling – for Youth

Multi-Benefit Screening and Enrollment – for Adults

Parenting Skills (with an emphasis on academics and behavior) – for Adults

Transition to Middle and High School workshops – for Youth and Adults

Tutoring – for Youth

Ways You Can Help!

It take mores than goodwill to delivery the services we provide. Your donation will go a long way.


We love to have people from our community help out with the work we are doing. There are many ways you can lend a hand.